We build inclusive equitable urban real estate development projects that leverage the unrealized potential of distressed properties. Our practice is highly collaborative with development strategies that have social impact and become an asset to the user and the neighborhoods. 


As cities repopulate, we have an opportunity to build space for organizations normally left out of real estate development projects. Our mission is to create a socially equitable platform for partnerships to provide a fully functioning facility that is enjoyed by the users, while allowing people to receive social services with the dignity they deserve.


Strategies & Best Practices

  • Community Development Finance, including Assessment Districts, Historic Preservaton Finaning Tools and New Market Tax Credits 
  • Offer commercial condos for equitable ownership and management control
  • Early site control
  • Include common areas to reduce overhead costs
  • Individual financing to fit the needs of each organization
  • Develop multi-tenant hub
  • Find social impact capital
  • Facility managed by outside professional team to keep organizations focused on their mission, not building management



The 1850 Bryant Street project is a 172,000 soft. new construction commercial condominium (condo) building in San Francisco’s Mission District being specially constructed with a turnkey development approach to house nonprofits. 1850 Bryant is intended to expand the real estate ecosystem needed for nonprofit social service stabilization.   Learn More →

Leiasa and Thor have found a much needed niche in the world of commercial real estate by building space for organizations normally left out of development projects. Common Ground Urban Development is truly a force for good.
— Eric Rodenbeck, CAST Board Member