Common Ground Urban Development works at the intersection of real estate developers, government financing, community development organizations, neighborhood businesses, and residents.

Our Expertise

Real Estate Development Process

We use analytical tools of real estate and urban economics to perform due diligence and determine the best development, acquisition and management strategies for our clients.

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Equitable development strategy

Equitable development means a community-chosen set of actions that will help residents stay in the neighborhood they love, benefit from change, connect to new opportunities, and hold developers accountable to community priorities. Working together with these strategies, we can ensure a fair future for all. 

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community development finance

We help our clients strategically leverage and utilize public funding tools, drawing on our in-house database of available federal, state and regional funding sources.

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By reusing an existing structure within a site, the energy required to create these spaces is lessened, as is the material waste that comes from destroying old sites and rebuilding using new materials. Through adaptive reuse old, unoccupied buildings can become suitable sites for many different types of use.

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We help navigate the complicated and often difficult process of utilizing urban infill to reduce sprawl, preserve open space, revitalize downtowns and older neighborhoods, create more walkable, transit-oriented communities,
improve jobs-housing imbalances, reduce infrastructure expenses, and provide residents with a greater variety of housing options.

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Common Ground provides tactical services in place-making, traffic calming and re-design, pop-up commerce incubation, and more.

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