Assistant Project Manager

Email:  Phone: 925-330-9031  






Mindy Bacharach

Mindy is recently graduated from USC where she received her MBA/MRED (Masters in Real Estate Development) and brings over 6 years of real estate analysis experience to Common Ground Urban Development. 

While attending USC, Mindy was an acquisitions intern for Primestor Development where she was involved with the purchase of Panorama Mall.

Prior to attending USC, Mindy worked for California Department of Transportation as a Right of Way Agent divesting  excess properties for the State of California. Mindy was in charge of divesting vacant land, single-family homes, and commercial properties in Alameda, Santa Clara, and Sonoma County. She would assess the market value of the asset, assemble marketing materials to advertise the sale, and help coordinate and run the auctions of the properties. 

In addition to divesting properties for the State, Mindy also worked on the approval of real estate projects for Sacramento and Yolo County and determined whether they were in compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and government regulations.